The launching of the 2018 School Goal Plan

On Oct. 10 at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sai Gon, the planned development of the 2018-year goal of the education has taken place with the presence of Mr. Tran Van Hau – Chairman of the Board of Hungary; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam – Vice president of Hunghau Holdings; The Executive Director, the Management Officer Hunghau Holdings; Board of Directors of education and teachers-Ms. GV-CBNV 05 Unit member: Van Xian University, Van Xuan College, Trung Van Tuong, Trung Van Hanh Medical Medicine and Au Lac Hue High School.

This is an important event held immediately following the planned development plan of the whole Holdings that took place a few days earlier. 

Mr. Le Si Hai – Deputy general director, Hung Hau Joint stock company, the opening of an action 

Mr. Tran Huong-deputy general director of the Hung Hau Education Corporation The report of the 2017 operational situation of the educational bloc 

At the ceremony, Mr. Vu Quang Chinh – General director of the Hung Hau Education Joint stock company has released a command to deploy 2018 targets to full block. Representative of the five unit members and the Executive Board of Education have signed the pledge to make a goal before his witness to Tran Van Hau, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam with the management Officer Hunghau Holdings. 

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Vu Quang Chinhalso conducted the ceremony to give a determination to represent the member units. 

Etiquette signing…

… and rituals to give the determination of the educational bloc

The ceremony continued with the presentation of each unit’s operational plan:

  • Dr Tran Van Thien – Rector of the University of Van Hien presents the 2018 goal of the University of Van Hien.
  • Le Thi Thuy Phuong – Vice-rector of the University of Technology-Sun Van Xuan presents the 2018 goal of the University of Technology, Van Xuan
  • Le Anh Tuan – Chief executive officer of Van Tuong High School presents the 2018 target of the middle School of Van Tuong.
  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha – Rector of the Middle School – Pharmacy Van Hanh presents the 2018 goal of the middle school – Van Hanh Pharmacy.
  • ThS. Huynh Hoang Residential – deputy general Director, Co., Ltd. to train the AU Lac Human Resources presents the 2018 target plan of the company.

At the same time, the ceremony received a number of opinions and statements from: 

  • Ts. Dang Quoc Minh Duong-Management of Science & Co-international cooperation in the University of Van Hien-representing the functional rooms of the constitutional University of literature. 
  • Ts. Pham Xuan Hau – Director of Tourism School of University of Literature, representing the faculty of expertise of the University of Van Hien in recognition of the mission.
  • Mr. Dang Thanh Vu – Executive Director, student of the University of Van Hien, is speaking for feedback. 
  • Mr. Nguyen Duy Cuong – Head of training manager of the University of Van Hien speaking feedback. 

Soon after, Chairman-Mr. Tran Van Hau has made remarks and shared at the ceremony: “Over the past 2 months we have decided to deploy each specific target to each member’s unit in the late House. , with this year’s theme ‘ Creativity – connection core value ‘ We encourage creativity and create value to connect. 

I see the spirit of boiling tub and can do over what is in the resolution. The spirit of that Majesty is always welcome, we can do more than resolutions if it’s good for general heroes and member units in particular. 

I am very grateful to you, gentlemen – the human knowledge and dedication, dedicated to contributing to the common goal, collective master and education and training game, and to carry out resolutions 18. We are seriously completed, and must reach between 85% reaching the target upwards. What we have not done well in the past year hopes not to repeat the future.

Prove to be real real!

Each person has a different point advantage, if wrong to edit. Keep track of the goal plan, strongly give your comments. Wisdom is the ultimate innovative contributor to make strong, common value of the queens!

I trust the mighty Man with great faith! “

In response to the trust and the athletes from Mr. Tran Van Hau, Mr. Vu Quang Chinh is sending profound thanks from collective education to the leader of the Hunghau Holdings at the same time expressed the belief of the well-made objectives. He also expressed the determination, solidarity, collective devotion and promise of trying.

The ceremony closed in the atmosphere of jubilant and cordial.

Đăng ký ngay
Đăng ký ngay