First of all, Van Tuong Intermediate School would like to send to you and your children the warmest greetings and the most sincere thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen!

With more than 16 years of development, Van Tuong Intermediate School is proud to be one of the first non-public institutions in Ho Chi Minh City to train human resources that can handle a variety of tasks in the fields such as: health, information technology, economics, tourism … contributing to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

The school is proud to contribute to the society a high quality human resources. With continuous efforts, contributions of strength and enthusiasm of generations, Van Tuong Intermediate School has received many merit and emulation flag of the People’s Committee, Education and Training Department of Ho Chi Minh City.

Dear Parents!

The school understand your anxiety as:

  • You too busy with work, do not have a lot of time to care for your children, both ethical and lifestyle oriented?
  • Your children have not finished secondary school or are studying high school but can not continue studying for some reason?
  • You have not found a reliable place to secure your children to study to develop all the physical, human and industry.
  • You want your children have graduated from secondary school, high school and have a regular degree in hands at the same time less than 20 of age?

All of the above will be gentle if you come to Van Tuong Intermediate School. We are committed to you because:

  • Training quality of Van Tuong Intermediate School has been confirmed for more than 16 years.
  • Facilities for teaching – learning spacious, modern, meet the needs of teaching-learning application in the integration period.
  • Staffs, teachers, staff are highly qualified, dynamic, enthusiastic, always follow and care for each student.
  • Coming to Van Tuong Intermediate School, they are not only trained to be skilled but also trained in the behavior, behavior and attitudes of a human being with ethical standards of society.
  • All students attending Van Tuong Intermediate School are financially supported throughout the course of their studies such as loans for interest-free tuition, job placement during the course study, scholarships to encourage learning, job recommendation after graduation …
  • Confident about the quality of their training, Van Tuong Intermediate School committed 100% of students after graduation are introduced jobs.Therefore, the anxiety about the children’s work after graduation to the parents will have no longer. Instead, there is the confidence to travel with the Van Tuong Intermediate School to educate your child.
  • With the motto “the school is a home,” Van Tuong Intermediate School keeps a close relationship with parents to take care of their children.Although parents are very busy with their work, they will regularly be kept updated their children’s information at Van Tuong Intermediate School.

Van Tuong Intermediate School is pleased to welcome you and the students to visit and register for study. We hope that through you and the students, this message will be shared with all those who are interested in finding a reliable, quality education for their children.

On behalf of the teachers, staff and staff of Van Tuong Intermediate School, I would like to send my sincere thanks for trusting and sending my children to study at the School. We promise we will never let you down.

We wish you and your family with good health and happiness!