Van Tuong Intermediate School welcomes Vietnamese Physician Day Feb. 27, 2018

” As a physician as a mom “-the teaching of President Ho Chi Minh, for those who do the work of health has become the guideline for generations our country’s physician. The physician should have a high sense of responsibility, dedication, love and care for patients. They not only understand about professional but also need the professional conscience, have medical ethics. So this is a career not only very high social importance, but also as a professional suffered much pressure.

To honor and spend the most sincere thanks to the medicine, the doctor, who worked in the medical industry, daily hours spent the conscientious best to care for the sick person, on Feb. 27 was chosen as the day of “Vietnam physician”. In this day, bộngành medical team not only get the word of the visit of the whole society that this is also the occasion to remind about the responsibility, the mission that they are holding. 

In response to 63 years on Vietnam physician (Feb. 271955-Feb 272018), Van Tuong middle school to wish to you/He/She is currently faculty, officers, staff at the medical school of Pharmacy – the great wall to wall abundant health, mind power, expertise to devote to medicine the country in General and for the education of the young generation of the medical profession in particular. Wish you more you reap much success and happiness. Expect that the physician is always a symbol of trust, hope and health, deserve the respect, honor society, worthy of Golden words years ” As a pharmacist as a mom “.

Van Tuong intermediateschool also sent greetings to the pupils who are enrolled in the health care industry mass market always fun, strive to work out and study are to become the medicine, doctor excellent staff, for the medical industry.

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