The contract signing ceremony and 100% commitment to having a job after graduation

In the afternoon of June 10, 2018, at the Van Wall secondary school took place the ceremony of training contract and commitment to work for the successful students in 2018.

The ceremony was held at the Van Wall middle school 

Buổi lễ được diễn trang trọng, nghiêm túc với sự tham dự của nhiều Quý khách mời:

On the business side of: Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Snow, Director of the Powerful distribution company; Mr. Mai Quoc Viet-head of customer care center and Ms. Nguyen Thuy Trang-HR Representative media joint stock company diamond; 

On the hedu education system: Mr. Nguyen Tan Trung – head of career and Mr. Dong Van Cuong – Deputy Head of recruitment-media educational Corporation.

The Van Tuong middle school: master Le Anh Tuan-principal of the school; Mrs. Phan Thi Thu Thao-head of training; Mr. Nguyen Van Song Full-administration-personnel along the quarter Master, She is leading cadres, teachers, officials, staff and Wall the great wall middle school education systems HEDU. 

Along with the full participation of parents have successful students in 2018 on the Van Wall middle school. 

Msc. Le Anh Tuan-school school Badge with Mr Nguyen Tan Trung, Director of the Center for enterprise cooperation education Corporation Powerful thank you flowers offers businesses attended the ceremony

Understand your child’s concerns and concerns with the employment issue after graduating from your children-the middle school, Van Tuong, held a training contract signing and committed to work for the student to join the HS-SV after The contract was graduated 100% had a job after graduating with an attractive salary, in accordance with the HS-SV’s capacity and field. This is a serious commitment and the school’s responsibilities for the students of HS-SV are studying at Van Tuong Middle School since 2018 – 2019. 

Mr. Dong Van Cuong – Deputy head of the student recruitment and communications joint stock company Hung Hau began the ceremony

At the ceremony, master Le Anh Tuan – Principal School of sharing: “The secondary School of Wall once again confirms the training capacity of the school for society by signing the training contract and committing to the school. With the signing of this, in addition to enhancing the responsibilities of the school in the issue of ensuring the quality of training, exercise and fostering skills for the student, on the other hand, help the school to identify the orientation of learning with , the curriculum must be applied, associated with the needs of the business-the employer unit. Through the signing of the training contract and the commitment of this work, I hope the pupils will engrossed to study, exercise, research to a face-enhancing capacity and the value of ourselves, on the other hand, will indirectly affirm the training capacity of The School for society. I would like to thank you for your trusted parents and your child’s future at Van Tuong Middle School. Thanks for the students who chose the secondary school wall is the place to hone the knowledge, create the foundation of future building. As the school principal, I would like to grace this and commit to create all the best conditions for children to have a learning environment, exercise, good research, full performance, thoughtful content signed in the contract “. 

Msc. le Anh Tuan intermediate school principal Van Wall opening remarks at the ceremony 

Coming to the ceremony, guests from the business also have shared share to help you understand more about the practice of students ‘ employment opportunities after graduating from the school. From there, you can fully secure your child to learn intermediate with a contract of commitment to employment at Van Tuong Middle School. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Huong – Director of Hung Hau Distribution Co., Ltd share at the ceremony 

Mr. Mai Quoc Viet – head of Customer Care Center for Diamond Media share at the ceremony 

The ceremony takes place quickly, professionally, each parent is handed over to the contract of commitment and is directly signed to the school school on the issue of commitment 100% of the students to support the employment field with a salary Incubation guide. 


Le Anh Tuan – the school principal signs the training contract and commits employment with the student parent at the ceremony 

Through the ceremony, the school has created strong belief, mounting the relationship between parents and the school, affirming his status and role to society in the field of education and training of human resources. 

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