Re-education after … University-College graduation

Recognized in some colleges and colleges with TC training shows that the proportion of students who have a college degree enrollment is not less. This situation is caused by many reasons, such as choosing the wrong career, the field of labor is difficult to apply for jobs, vocational training to supplement skills and knowledge for the work is doing … 

The practice of electrical refrigeration of students of the Technical School of Economics, District 12 (HCMC) 

However, the main reason is that learning TC is not … unemployment. 

Study level 2 TC

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly (Headmaster of Thu Duc Technology College) affirmed that in recent years, the number of college-educated students has increased. However, you do not have to drop out of the profession that you have studied, but you will learn more about a particular TC career in order to supplement your resume so that your job opportunities will be better and your income will be higher. Among them, there are many who study Korean, Japanese to study abroad, export labor or change the working environment.

Studying TC to supplement, improve the practice value of the college-university degree is a real need. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai, Head of Admissions Office of Saigon South Vocational Technical College, said that many of them have had university degrees in TC or short-term classes due to job requirements. Accordingly, the trainees have been working relatively stable enrollment in the TC of pharmaceuticals, physicians, information technology and legal services. “Those who are working in the human resources, administrative and legal fields require legal knowledge at the TC level, so they register to study legal services with a one-year training period,” Mai said. 

At the same time, Nguyen Van Nhat (former head of the training and enrollment department of Van Hanh Medical and Pharmacy School) said that the number of people studying at Level 2 is about 50%. nursing and pharmacy. The reason for the second degree is that the profession has learned not to get a job, low salary, especially promotion opportunities are not available; Few learn to improve their ability to practice, complement their knowledge. Representatives of the Humanitarian School said that in 2017, the school has 6 students who have a college degree in the fields of information technology, refrigeration, electricity industry, social work and beauty care. Most of these trainees are unemployed after a long time of graduation from college should choose vocational training solution to find a job. 

Not only those who graduated from colleges and universities, but also those who own the TC degree again … TC. Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Trang (Head of Training School of Technical and Economic School, District 12) said that the school has many students resurrecting TC when they have a TC in many years ago. Ms. Trang explained: “The reason for this situation is because the trainee chose not suitable for the field, trying to complete the program, but when you do not work with the job, must choose to learn a different profession or plate. The first TC did not give them the opportunity to work as expected. “ 

Big waste in training

MSc. Dang Van Sang (Principal of Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnical University) said that having a university-university degree that re-study TC is too wasteful in time as well as economics. This is not to mention that students lose their job opportunities as well as opportunities in the career they have chosen.

At the Scientific Conference on Solutions for implementing teaching methods and evaluating the learners’ capacity in professional education activities held by the College of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City, Associate Professor Nguyen Van Tuan Director of the Technical Education Institute of the University of Technical Education in Ho Chi Minh City, said that the current training programs in some schools do not help the learner to master the knowledge as well as technology to meet the requirements of the market. labor school. This is also a reason why learners are not highly rated by employers, and for non-unemployed students they have to go to other fields. “Training the learners must do the job but can not train then have to go to school or training to supplement professional knowledge,” said Tuan. On the same point, Mr. Nguyen Van Lam (Deputy Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City) said: “The capacity of practicing vocational education is limited, as evidenced by the recruitment to organize re-training. It is necessary for the trainee to have a job, to go to study in TC to improve his / her knowledge in order to improve his / her practice value. 

In order not to have to spend time and money learning TC again after having a university degree, Lam suggested high schools, professional education institutions … to do good job orientation, forecasting human resource needs in the future. Close to the trainees have the basis to choose the appropriate profession. As for learners, Mr. Lam advised to choose the right career, graduated to work immediately, not trying to college-college to leave and then drop out of school or graduate but unemployed. 


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