Many policies to support HEDU bring the program “Tet of love – Double joy”

With the desire to facilitate the staff, employees, especially children of the workers who are difficult to draw their dreams to school. From Jan. 10, 2018 to Jan. 22, 2018, education system HEDU (University of Van Hien technical College-van Xuan Technology, intermediate Medicine – Van Hanh Pharmacy, Intermediate level au Lac Hue, Senior Van Tuong) join the program “Tet Love – Duplicating the “Happy Company” by the Logistics corporation, Electric Quang company, rang Dong Plastic company, Duy Tan Company Co., Ltd. 

When enrolled in the member schools of the hedu education system, officers-workers who are working at the photovoltaic company, Rang Dong Company, Duy Tan Company as well as relatives, friends will receive more support policies from hedu to have Add motivation to perform dream lecture. 

Subject to Application:

All officers – workers are working at the electric Fiber company, rang Dong Company, Duy Tan Company. 

Relatives, friends are officers – the company of Electric optics, rang Dong Company, Duy Tan company introduced into the hedu education system. 

Support program for each training at hedu.

1. Master’s program-reach new heights

Support 50% of the examination fees for high school students 

2. University – firmly the center of performing dreaming

Student Incentive Program for early admission from July 12018 to Aug. 252018 includes: mobile phone, Balo, tshirts, soft skill training courses. 

Fee Program “1 Bronze” 

+ One-time tuition fee for students to close the entire tuition fee of the course in the form of savings deposit. 

Program hedu – Linking Beliefs

+ Borrower support Tuition rate 0% during course for students with difficult circumstances 

3. College – Intermediate – sharing pleasure to school

20% off semester fees for admission of 2018 

Program for admission to students before the date of 15/9/2018 worth 20% of tuition fees. 

Tuition fees by Month: Apply to SV-HS-TC schools with no conditions to close the semester fees. 

4. Duration of application of policies

Apply for Enrollment session 2018

Some photos of Hedu joined the program in organizational units:

Teachers at the school in the education system are in the company of the hedu.

Many employees at the company hung are interested in support program from hedu

 Hedu joined the consultancy at Rang Dong Plastics company

Đăng ký ngay
Đăng ký ngay