Intensive Citizenship Week – Freshmen in 2018 – 2019

On the morning of Sep. 06, 2018 Van Tuong secondary school celebrated the opening of “the week of living of citizens-the first course students” the school year 2018-2019. This is the annual activities of the Van Tuong middle school on top of each school year to help students become familiar with Student Front teachers, friends, study and living conditions, education and teaching methods in schools. At the same time create the intimate relationship between student’s front with the previous key to support, share, help each other in learning and in life.

Through the Week of living of citizens-the first course students for the academic year 2018-2019, the new student enrollment in 2018 in addition to being equipped with the vital knowledge about the regulation, regulation to the clear benefits , obligation, sense of responsibility, on the other hand also work out for some necessary skills before officially stepping into the new school year, new learning environments.

Some photos of the citizen activities Week-students start school year key 2018-2019:

Mr. Le Anh Tuan – rector of the opening remarks.

The subject of “integration” through witty communication, the humor of Mr. Nguyen Tan Trung – Director of the Center for Corporate Cooperation and student support College of Van Xian has helped you to new students to quickly unfreeze the pressure to integrate quickly into the new environment .

The new students are excited to join the collective games in order to create a close relationship between new students with the previous keys to support, share, help each other in the study and in life.

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