HEDU celebrates 35 years of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

The Vietnamese teacher’s day Nov. 20 is an occasion for generations of students in gratitude to remember of those doing from their master always wholeheartedly with the student for a career in education.

At the time, Ho Chi Minh President affirmed education has the greatest role in renovating, building new human by “Friendly or evil, which isn’t an instinct, mostly because of the education should be”. He specify: “the cultural level of the people will help us promote the economic recovery and democratic development. Raise the level of culture of the people is also a job necessary to build our country into a government of peace, unity, independence, democracy, civilization and wealth “. 

Ho Chi Minh President once said: “for the sake of ten years of planting, because of the documented benefits of the people.” Therefore, on Nov. 20 every year, across the country this is the holiday to celebreate teacher day of Vietnam. The students all over the country often give flowers and gifts to congratulate the teachers. This is also an occasion for re-evaluation of educational activities and establish direction to improve the quality of education. 

On the morning of Nov. 20,2017 in the DTH001 Hall of Facility 613 Van Hien University  was to celebrate the celebration of the Vietnamese Teachers’s Day of Vietnam. The ceremony was attended by many esteemed guests as well as the collective staff members who came from the HungHau education system.
At Hunghau Holdings we are pleased to welcome Mr. Tu Thanh Phung – the permanent executive Director of Hunghau Holdings. 

HungHau Education is honored to welcome Mr. Vu Quang Chinh – General director of the HungHau Education, Mr. Le Si Hai – Deputy general Director, Mr. Tran Huong – Deputy general director, and leaders of the schools of the University of Van Hien , Van Xuan College, Van Tuong, Intermediate Van Hanh. 

The participation of the collective lecturer, the staffs are working in member schools. 
At the ceremony, beside the celebrations which are well prepared from the schools, then the faculty staff of the HungHau education system also received lots of wishes, gratitude from leaders and the students. This was not just an occasion for meeting people who have devoted their enthusiasm for the cause of education, but also the occasion for the generations of students to have the opportunity to express their gratitude for the teachers. 

Image sourceMedia & Event Department of Van Hien University Association-DNA CLUB

Đăng ký ngay
Đăng ký ngay