1. Introduction

     1.1.Introduction to Tourism Faculty

In 2004, Vietnam tourism has many advantages when the situation and position of the country is on the rise. In addition, Vietnam has overcome the disease Sars, a stable country, safe for tourists. And also in 2004, Vietnam has outstanding events such as the 50th anniversary of the Dien Bien victory, Hue Festival … has attracted the attention of international visitors. On the other hand, the government’s decision to waive visas for Japanese tourists, an attractive market with high spending power and the opening of direct air routes to the United States starting in 2004 is also a favorable condition for tourism development. Understanding the trend of the times, in August 2004, Van Tuong Intermediate School applied for permission and was granted permission to open the Tourism and Travel Management. From the beginning, this major belonged to the Secretariat Office – Tourism. Then, the Tourism and Travel Management was directly under the Department of General. After a long and continuous development, in order to meet the actual demand for training and management, in August 2016, Tourism and Travel Management was officially separated into Tourism and Travel Management Faculty.

With 12 years of training, Van Tuong Intermediate School in general or Tourism and Travel Management in particular is proud of having trained for the Vietnam Tourism Industry hundreds of skilled professionals. According to the annual statistics of the school, 100% of students after graduation have jobs in accordance with professional.

     1.2. Introduction to Tourism and Travel Management

          a. Industry overview and curriculum

Tourism and Travel Management is considered as the key industry, the potential industry in the industry “smoke-free industry” with the trend of globalization.

Tourism in the ASEAN region in general and tourism in Vietnam in particular is on the rise. Human resources for high quality tourism are in great demand not only in the country but also in the world as well as in ASEAN. For that reason, the content of the training program is closely linked with the development practice in Vietnam and the region, which is appropriate to the level of the sector or field of study.

The program is also based on the Code of Professional Conduct (VTOS 2013) and ASEAN, combining theory and practice, creating capacity in a way that accumulates from low to high levels, ensuring students after graduation, have the knowledge, skills and attitudes,   as well as the ability to adapt to the real work environment, quickly adapt and grow on the career path.

The training program ensures the linkage of all levels; To properly handle relationships in terms of knowledge, skills and learning duration between general education courses and professional education, ensuring practicality.

          b. Positions and ability to work

  • To betourism manager   in the State management agencies of culture and tourism as   Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism   culture, sports and tourism in the provinces, cities, research institutes in and outside the country, training institutions, government and non-government organizations, associations and associations related to tourism …;
  • To be executives,  manager at   Travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, entertainment business establishments (tourist resorts, amusement parks …), transportation service establishments;
  • To be a tourist guide, lecturer at tourist sites, museums or relics;
  • To be Head of the delegation  for international travel programs;
  • To be Receptionists, room service staff…  in restaurants and hotels;
  • To be Employees,  specialists   at research institutes, universities, colleges, intermediate training courses on tourism;
  • To Be a project officer  in the field of tourism – entertainment for domestic and international tourism organizations;
  • To Be the host …;
  • To continue study Higher education institutions in country and abroad to receive degrees such as bachelor,Doctorate in Tourism and Travel Management … and other fields.

 2. Vision and mission

     2.1. Vision

Faculty of Tourism and Travel Management is a training unit of Van Tuong Intermediate School that is oriented towards practical application, always researching and cultivating domestic and foreign practical experience related to industry, playing an active role in the training of tourism human resources for the whole country and towards integration into ASEAN market.

     2.2. Mission

The Faculty of Tourism Travel Management always focuses on and plays an active role in the training of qualified human resources, professional skills, contributing to building credibility for Van Tuong Intermediate School throughout the country and in the region. At the same time contributing to preserving and promoting the traditions and cultural identity of the Vietnamese.

     2.3. Training objectives

          a. Knowledge:

  • To provide basic knowledge of tourism, specialized knowledge as well as the general knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of skill standards in ASEAN and international standards.
  • To equip students with the  Soft skills required as presentation skills,   team work, problem solving skills …
  • Equipped with practical knowledge to help students adapt and integrate well with international working conditions and environment.

          b. Behavior and attitude:

Professional training program contributes to the training of industrial style, serious professional attitude, the spirit of cooperation with colleagues, ready to take the assigned tasks.

          c. On ethics, lifestyle: The course is designed to provide people with good ethics, honesty, a healthy lifestyle, responsibility for work, family and society.

     2.4. Educational philosophy

A comprehensive training program that students can learn initiative, creative practice in order to professional expertise, professionalism and confidence in international integration.

3. Human resources structure

The Faculty of Tourism has not only professional qualifications, but also has practical experience, has been taking many key positions in the tourism industry such as Business Manager, International Guide … All Graduated in Tourism, Vietnam Studies and Culture.

No. Full name Degree Position/ title
1 Ngo Thi My Hanh Masters Dean, Faculty Member
2 Trinh Minh Chanh Masters Guest lecturer
3 Hoang Thi Thu Huong Masters Guest lecturer
4 Ky Ngoc Tram Masters Guest lecturer
5 Ngo Thi Kim Loan Masters Guest lecturer
6 Le Van Trong Masters Guest lecturer
7 Le Thi Thu Masters Guest lecturer
8 Tran Thi Kim Oanh Masters Guest lecturer
9 Nguyen Hai Minh Masters Guest lecturer
10 Duong Duc Minh Masters Guest lecturer
11 Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang Masters Guest lecturer