The roadmap of Vietnam’s market access commitments after WTO accession has created favorable conditions for foreign firms to operate in the country. Domestic enterprises have also actively sought export markets to increase their revenues and profits. Therefore, career opportunities will be open to any young adults who choose the Import-Export business. At present, these professions are shortage of qualified personnel. On the job vacancies recruitment websites, the information   Import-Export Business   is always “high demanding”.

  • Training program of Van Tuong Intermediate School

After studying basic subjects, students will enter the majors such as international economics, foreign languages, foreign trade, etc.

In addition, students studying in import-export business are also trained in English skills, informatics skills and soft skills such as negotiation skills, planning skills, solving skills.

Besides, the school has cooperated with hundreds of enterprises in many fields.  This is a long-term extension of the school, supporting the school to expand its facilities that help students get to know the professional working environment to help them complete the skills to pursue their success.

  • Job opportunities

In Vietnam in general and in the provinces and cities in particular, there are many industrial parks focused on foreign manufacturing and export. With such companies, import-export work is indispensable. Therefore, the import-export business will give students more opportunities after graduation.

To be promoted and promoted in the export industry is not difficult as many other sectors because the scope of export and import departments are less staff than other departments. On the average, exporters only need one-third to one-fourth of the staff compared to Accounting or Business; And you just have to fight with fewer opponents to advance.

Importing means that you regularly use foreign languages, contact with foreign partners and work based on international practices … In general, the working environment in a company with import and export activities better than companies that operate inland; You have many opportunities to work abroad and attend international fairs…