Finance – Banking is a relatively broad industry, involving all financial services, circulation and monetary operations. In many countries, finance – banking and accounting are often combined. Finance – Banking can be divided into many different fields such as banking,   Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Economics. More specifically, the Banking and Finance sector is trading in the monetary sector through banks and financial instruments issued by the bank to guarantee, payment in domestic and international.

Banking and Finance students are equipped with basic knowledge and expertise related to finance and currency and financial operations, statistics, accounting, taxation, insurance in banking and finance. After graduation, students   will   have positions in banks, corporations and financial groups such as capital mobilization, currency settlement, foreign exchange trading, risk control and management, asset valuation, financial analysis, banking management, banking accounting…

  • The essence of those who study Finance – Banking

If you are   good at computing and memory, you should choose this field because working in finance and banking means that you are always exposed to a wide range of numbers and countless complex calculations. Therefore, the study of natural subjects, especially Math, is the key factor of the learner   this sector. This industry also requires you   a good memory in addition to the ability to analyze and assess quickly to solve problems related to management and investment, use of capital.

This industry always   requires a person to be honest, careful and exact.   Honesty is a virtue placed on the top of the Finance-Banking industry. This is also a sensitive industry so you have to be careful, thorough and accurate in the job, just a small error, you will face the unpredictable consequences.

By studying this field you have to be really passionate, creative and active. People often default that those who work in this field are often lacking in creativity and less dynamism, but this is an industry that requires them to be very high. Working in the banking and finance sector requires a passion for money-related work and requires you to be flexible in communication, keen on the psychology to introduce the service, persuading customers … so if you are dynamic you will succeed with this industry.      

One of the important requirements, always appear in the list of recruitment requirements of the banking sector that is good at foreign languages ​​and computer. Any banking industry requires proficiency in the use of computers. Without this ability, you will face many difficulties in the job. At present, in the trend of international integration, foreign languages play an important role.

This is also suitable for those who are particularly sensitive to changes in the currency market. Your predictions of finance and securities can accurately bring you and your bank profits.

The qualities needed to study Finance – Banking are not limited to the above requirements. To succeed in this industry, you need to own a number of other qualities such as planning skills, time management, etc. Identification of the qualities and abilities that are relevant to the industry you are pursuing. Knowing that will be the key to opening the door to future success with the industry you have chosen.

  • Training program of Van Tuong Intermediate School

After studying basic subjects, students will enter specialized subjects such as: Currency-Credit, Stock Market, Financial Statement Analysis, Bank Accounting, warehouse Operations, Commercial Banks, International Payments, Taxes, Corporate Finance,…

In addition, students studying Finance – Banking are also trained in English skills, computer skills and soft skills such as negotiation skills, planning skills, problem solving skills.

Besides, the school has cooperated with hundreds of enterprises in many fields.  This is a long-term extension of the school, supporting the school to expand its facilities that help students get to know the professional working environment to help them complete the skills to pursue their success.

  • Job opportunities

Finance – Bank is considered as one of the leading areas in attracting human resources in recent years. The development of commercial banks significantly increases the demand for recruitment … so studying this sector you will easily find jobs at commercial banks nationwide, manufacturing enterprises and service providers. , agencies of school units and hospitals.

After graduation, you can work in most banks, credit and corporations, finance groups, relevant ministries … with some attractive locations. Specialist in charge of finance, monetary business, corporate finance analysis at banks, credit institutions, securities companies, insurance companies, financial groups, service provider, school unit and hospital.

You can also become a debt recovery specialist, taking care of your customers at banks, companies as well as organization, administration of finance and accounting or advising on finance and banking for domestic and foreign enterprises.