Each unit, organization in the society must have a certain amount of assets to carry out activities. In the process of operation, the unit performs activities such as payroll, purchase, sale, production, loans for investment … Such activities are called financial economic activities.

Managers of the unit need to get information about them to solve the questions: What item production? How much? Is the unit profitable? What is the unit’s assets?

Accountants will provide them with the answers through the activities:

–   Receipt:   Recording economic activities into accounting vouchers.

–   Processing: Systematize the information from the accounting voucher into accounting books.

–   Provided:   Data aggregation for the preparation of accounting reports.

On the basis of accounting reports, the manager, as well as those who are interested in the financial economy of the unit (lenders, banks, investors) make the right decisions to get the highest result.

Nearly every organization or unit has an accounting department because the direct manager in the unit as well as the financial management agencies of the State need accounting information.

You have probably heard many words related to this profession such as chief accountants, vouchers, accounting books. However, many cannot tell “business secrets”.

Job opportunities?

+ The units operating for profit purposes such as joint stock companies, limited liability companies, foreign invested enterprises, banks, insurance …,

+ Public units – non-profit units such as administrative agencies, schools, hospitals…

– Besides, according to the user of the information, you can do financial accounting for the purpose of providing information outside the enterprise to the state management agencies (taxation, statistics, plans investment) for investors, banks, shareholders … or management accounting to provide information to the managers in your unit.

In addition, a good reason to choose this job is a stable job and good income.

What qualifications do you need?

–   Honesty: Accountants must provide honest information on the financial activities of the unit so that the users of the information make the right decision.

An accountant does not directly perform that activity, but has the duty to provide the right information about it as “The historian does not make history, but decides not to let history go through the head.”

–   Careful: This job is always associated with documents, books, papers that contain “can talk information” about the financial situation of the unit so accountants should be careful in keeping the document as well as calculate the numbers to how they “talk” best with the user’s information.

– In addition, this occupation is still required   dynamic, creative, knowledgeable to analyze the assessment advising users to make informed decisions.

With the teaching style of “Literature, Fine Arts,” we have trained our Accountants not only for professionalism but also for a solid professional ethics, a correct worldview and human life. Extra-curricular activities are usually designed to bring students together, to train soft skills.
Some pictures of extra activities of students in Accounting:

KT13A class participated in the culinary competition

Class KT15A participated in Vietnam Arts Teachers’ Day

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